“The Lower Back”

Spring is here, and with it comes all of the activities we have waited all winter for. The problem is, our lower backs may not be ready for them. 

This lumbar region is designed for structural support and protection through a wide variety of movements. Many components of this region can cause problems; vertebrae, discs, ligaments, the spinal cord, other nerves and the surrounding musculature. 

Lumbar Strain, both acute and chronic, is by far the most common cause of lower back pain. It involves a stretching type injury to the ligaments, tendons or muscles of the lower back. This stretching causes tiny tears in the soft tissue, resulting in lower back pain. Common causes of these types of injuries include over use of the lower back, improper use of the lower back, and trauma to the lower back. 

Treatment for this type of injury usually includes rest, medication for pain and muscle spasm, application of heat, massage, and eventually exercise. Possible future injury may be minimized through the use of specific bending and lifting techniques and support devices.

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